Successfully Appraising Your Staff

Staff appraising is a management tool to help support employees in their professional development. It is a management’s chance to determine how an employee is faring, and what they might need to be better at their job in a more precise way. There is a quality opportunity in appraising your staff if you get it right, it can unlock potential, discover talent, and increase creativity and employee engagement. You will be amazed at the skills and experience people have but use outside the workplace, only to find out that they are missed, never explore, or simply ignored by management.

The Key to a Great Staff Appraisal

A great staff appraisal happens when a manager is prepared, an employee feels supported and heard, and the organization maintains a presence over the entire process. Every individual has an important role to play, when each plays their part then appraisals will become a key part of a successful company culture driven by performance.

The Importance of Appraisal at Work

Staff appraisals are important because they facilitate a key element of workplace success. It is the regular exchange that helps build your company culture and ensures that you create a productive environment for everyone. Regular appraisals can also be about any performance management cycle. In that way, you are effectively building a system whereby an appraisal is a key part of making sure that employees are going down the right path. A staff appraisal system can stimulate a dialogue between managers and employees that helps align operational performance with strategic goals. If you have an effective staff appraisal system in place, your employees will understand what is expected from them.

The Benefits of Staff Performance Appraisals

  • Learning about areas of your business
  • Improving performance
  • Better morale and teamwork
  • Identifying candidates for promotion
  • A fair assessment of pay increases
  • Identifying areas for further training
  • Improving profitability
  • Surface and resolve any grievances
  • Increased job satisfaction and motivation
  • Improved planning for employee development

The Benefits of Staff Performance Appraisals

If you think a staff appraisal program is not essential to the success of your business, you are wrong. It is not just something to implement if you get around to it, it can have a very direct impact on your profitability.

Five Reasons you need to start Appraising Employees:

  1. It improves employee morale - No employee wants to work in a place where they feel unseen or unappreciated. For your business, you must create a space to let employees know their work is being noticed. A commended employee will be motivated to work even harder, while an employee who slacks off and is called out for that will realize they are being watched and will work harder to avoid negative consequences.
  2. It identifies areas of training need - Performance appraisal highlights areas where improvement is needed. If your employees all seem to be struggling in the same area, it creates a good opportunity for some additional training. Instead of dealing with the failings of a single employee, you can find patterns across the entire workforce and deal with them more efficiently.
  3. It discovers a hidden talent - Most of the time the qualities you need for leadership and management are sitting right under your nose, but without a performance appraisal, it is hard to notice. With consistent appraisal it shows which employees rise to the top time and again, indicating they could be someone you need to keep around for a while or promote. Instead of hiring outside leadership for your organization, you can promote from within and thanks to the employee knowledge you get from these appraisals.
  4. It helps managers to manage better - If managers know where the employees under their leadership struggle and where they succeed, they know where to focus. With a lack of performance indicators, it is harder for managers to have a clear direction of where employee performance and progression should go. It may make it easier for poor workers to continue without anyone being fully aware. Giving managers information on who is succeeding and who is failing gives them a chance to improve their leadership skills in that area.
  5. It makes layoff decisions safer - It will be to the business’ benefit to have a performance appraisal program in place if your business must lay off some of its employees. It is more business savvy to lay off based on performance. Basing your decisions on their performance appraisals ensures you keep the harder workers and make your business stronger.

Staff Appraisal Affects Motivation and Satisfaction

It can have a profound effect on levels of employee motivation and satisfaction – for better as well as for worse. It provides employees with recognition for their work efforts.

Goals You Should Set in Employee Appraisals

The goals you set in employee appraisals don’t just have to be about staff development.  You can also challenge employees to improve their performance and increase your team’s productivity as a result. Performance goals must be fair and achievable, or they could have a negative impact.

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