Management Helpdesk System


  • Categorizes and manages queries and e-mail requests accordingly.
  • Categories can be created within the helpdesk such as intranet support, sales, maintenance, accounts, etcetera.
  • The Helpdesk can be used internally by staff or externally by clients (If Contacts Module is installed).
  • Has an auto-responder setup for confirmation that tickets were received.
  • Sends notifications of tickets that have been completed.
  • Sends out reminders of outstanding tickets not yet attended to.
  • Auto-escalation of tickets. Customizable by ticket priority (low, normal, high or urgent) and can be set to office hours only or after hours.
  • Prioritization of tickets.
  • Provides an audit trail on all tickets.
  • Pending request options for ticket operators to receive additional information.
  • Helpdesk operators are assigned to specific helpdesks.
  • Tickets can be transferred between helpdesks.
  • Tickets are managed according to keywords. Special algorithms are used to determine the best category and operator to assign the ticket based on keyword matching scores.
  • User-friendly system with button links to various pages.
  • SMS Functionality on replies and notifications.
  • Tickets can be linked to assets (If Asset Management system is installed).
  • Facility to rate tickets after completion and provide feedback.


  • The IT Requests link will direct the user to the Helpdesk module.
  • Requests can be internal or external, and lodged with ticket numbers.
  • The ticket is lodged after selecting the correct category in the system, previously set up by the manager.
  • The module has the facility to have multiple helpdesks through which the tickets can be lodged.
  • The system keeps records of all transactions and who was responsible for them on an internal notes system which is not available for viewing by the client.
  • Once a ticket has been completed the system will send an e-mail to inform the client that the ticket has been resolved.

System Integration

The Helpdesk System can be integrated with MyTech Innovations CRM and Contacts modules and with the e-mail server.


The system uses the MyTech Innovations framework, which includes anti-spamming, anti-illegal file uploading and anti-sql injection, and various other security techniques. The authorized company supplier officers need to log onto the system using a secure username and password in order to process information.


The reports facility enables you to generate customized reports. Some reports that can be generated are Callouts, Categories, Asset, Ratings, Escalations, User Reports and Operator Reports.

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