MyTech Innovations convenient HR modules makes daily handling your your staff much simpler, by automating and streamlining all your day to day HR tasks. You do not have to buy the whole HR suite, you can purchase various stand-alone modules that will suit your daily needs.

Why is MyTech Innovations Human Resource Software different?

Our Human Resource systems run online, meaning you can access all your information anywhere, anytime around the world, at the tip of your fingers. All you need is the much-available internet.

You have two options, when it comes to running our HR modules:

  • Our system will work perfectly on your intranet. Running smoothly and safely.
  • We offer hosted solutions where you will rent some of our modules (HR SAAS).
  1. No overspending with us - you will not be paying the full suite, if not necessary, you will choose only those modules, that seem to benefit and accommodate you.
  2. Would you like to build your own stuff? All our HR systems are completely customizable and integrate and blend perfectly with your current systems.
  3. We have the most skilled programmers around - we are more than apt to build you an HR system, that you need that we don’t have.
  4. We’ve got everything you need - from hiring new staff to disciplining our HR modules have got all your Employee Management needs covered.

    We are enthusiastic about creating Human Resource systems. We are always adding to, or working on our current HR modules. Below is a list of modules we have. If you do not see a module that is to your liking please contact us for a free evaluation to build you a completely customizable system.

Employ New Staff

Recruitment System

Want to find the perfect candidate? Our recruitment systems contains various features that will assist you in finding your perfect employee.

  • Submit job information online
  • Capture CV's
  • Liaise with applicants

Induction Software

Introduce your employees to company culture and what is expected of them. MyTech Innovations Induction Software makes this a breeze. The induction system also tracks the usage of each new employee, so you can effectively see what course materials they have completed?

Manage My Staff

Employee Management System

Every company needs a good Employees module system. MyTech's Employees module system allows the company to perform general human resource management tasks:

  • Manage life cover
  • Manage medical aid
  • Manage employee history
  • Manage perks and incident reports

Time and Attendance Management

Want to know how your employees are spending their time? The Time and Attendance module keeps track of the activities and attendance of your employees. The system allows you to observe time, projected on a project and the time taken to complete a project. As well as various other reporting systems.

Leave Management System

The MyTech Innovation's Leave Management System provides you a way of managing leave effectively in a company in these following ways:

  • Track employee leave
  • Track leave applications
  • Track various types of leave
  • Keeping all HR records up to date

The Leave Management system fully integrates with all other modules including the Payroll Module.

Vehicle and Fleet Management System

MyTech Innovation's Vehicle Management system makes fleet management and maintaining possible, by keeping a record of all the vehicles within a company, and their registration numbers, make and model.

Project Management System

Making projects easier has never been this simple. Efficiently plan, organize, manage and execute your projects and resources, from one place and keep a hawk’s eye on your project’s status and all your resources.

Task Management System

Managing a project means managing the tasks within them. The Task Management System gives you the power to track tasks online planning and managing tasks more efficient.

Time Sheets Software

Manage and record employee times worked and according to projects.

Develop My Staff

Appraisal System

Assess your employees with our Appraisal Module. Add notes during the period which you appraise your employees have both employee and manager complete a pre-appraisal assessment before your appraisal meeting. The MyTech Innovation Appraisal system allows you to record information gathered within the appraisal meeting. Monitor your employees performance by setting them KPI’s which are easily measured.

Skills Development System

Develop your employees by registering and developing Skill Development plans, and recover Skills Development Levy tax.

Learner Management System

Make learning easy, with the Learner Management system.

  • Streamline the presentation of courses
  • Manage learners

Empower My Staff

Contacts Module

Plug the Contacts module into your intranet as the ideal piece of software to store all your contacts centrally.

These contacts can be added under categories such as:

  • IT suppliers
  • Printing suppliers
  • General Maintenance
  • Emergency, etc.

Discipline My Staff

Disciplinary Module

Minimize the risk of unfair dismissal charges by having all the right information right where you need it. The Disciplinary module provides employers with the information they need to follow the correct procedures, when executing a dismissal or discipline.

Paying My Staff

Payroll Module

The HR Manager is in charge of various responsibilities such as ensuring the wellbeing of employees, recruiting, firing, disciplinary, leave and of course paying them. Are there too many employees to pay? 

MyTech Innovation's Payroll Module can help you keep records, integrate with banks and provides Pay as you Earn, etc.

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