Our Founder

Charl Coetzee

After the global crash of 2008, Charl made an enormous impact actively competing in the real estate and financial domain. He was personally involved in assisting and investing in the residential and commercial property arenas, involving transactions for over 200 properties.

In 2012, Charl began his relentless search for global opportunities, that the average person can implement for massive profits. It was that type of persistent digging and exploration that led to the founding of MyWealth Method in 2014.

In 2017, after years of some successes and many failures, Charl knew he’d found the basis for creating a sustainable wealth machine. He brought his ideas to a small group of investors, who then spent a great deal of time and money in pursuit of the ideal system of income-generating assets. The result is a systematic formula that can grow a person’s income exponentially through low-risk, high-yielding vehicles over a period of 3 to 5 years.

One notable observation of Charl is that he jealously guards MyWealth Method members on their wealth journeys toward financial independence and beyond. He continues to find ways to leverage other people's skills, money, and time, to compound returns so members experience exponential growth.

But perhaps Charl’s most striking quality is his sincere desire to help people, raise themselves from lower- and middle-class thinking, behavior and into the mindset of the wealthy. Because Charl knows NOBODY is fated to remain in their current financial situation. As he often says …

“You must get your entire philosophy and thoughts about finances straight. You cannot live above what you think and see.”

Charl has a keen understanding of the interdependent nature of money, economies, business opportunities, real estate, and wealth. His knowledge and experience run deep, he has a gift for explaining complicated truths in simple words. More importantly, his knowledge is not mere theory or “book knowledge” It is real-world wisdom backed by practical experience.

Best of all? He’s determined to share his knowledge with anyone who wants to join him in experiencing true wealth. 
Charl married his best friend Lize in 2007, they are now the busy parents of two young children.

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