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Multi-Branch, Multi-Departmental purchase request system with dynamic authorization workflows integrated with budgets. Read more...

Supplier Management

Manage your suppliers in an efficient manner, keep complete records, record all interactions and ratifications of suppliers. Read more...


Create quotations and invoices and manage all aspects of the selling process. Read more...

Financial Systems

MyTech Innovations Financial Software is a fully comprehensive solution where modules can be used as stand alone or integrated software modules. The Financial software is built for reporting and managing the company finances tracking and reporting of data.

Benefits of MyTech Innovation's Intranet software:

  • All the Financial Systems run online, which allows you to access any information from anywhere in the world at any given time, as long as you have Internet access.
  • The Financial Systems runs securely on your Intranet
  • The financial software is divided into modules, which can be used as stand alone or an integrated Financial System, making the Intranet modules cost effective.
  • Our Financial Systems are completely customizable and can integrate with most other systems
  • If there is a Financial system that you need that we don't already have, we can design and build the module for you
We are continuously adding more 
modules to our Financial Systems.
Below is a list of modules we currently have available and working on. If you don't see the intranet software you are looking for, please contact us to discuss the possibility of creating a custom system for your company.

Internal Solutions

Asset Management Software

MyTech Innovation's Asset management software allows for the tracking and recording and reporting of assets, as well as assisting in asset value and appreciation.

Procurement Software

Also known as the "procure - to -pay" system, the MyTech Innovations financial requisition system manages and records the procurement needs of your company.

Budgeting Software

Create departmental budgets for the company, prevent over spending and coordinate company spending.  

The budgeting software is used in conjunction with the procurement and other financial systems.

Bank Reconciliation Software

The Bank reconciliation software takes the output from the South African online banking systems and can be used to automatically reconcile each item to corresponding information in other systems and databases.

Data Migration Software

The data migration software extracts data from multiple data bases which can either be inserted into the new database, or exported as a CSV / excel file.

Dynamic Reporting System (Chart Director)

The dynamic reporting tool allows data to be read from any one database and presented in either a chart or table format. Charts available are: Pie, Bar, Line, Trending, scatter, bubble, vector, area, waterfall, finance, and polar charts.

Online Bookkeeping Module

Manage all your accounting needs and to do's through the online accounting system with comprehensive reporting tools.

Payment Management Software

Manage all your payments, invoices received and orders with the Payment management system.

Supplier Management Software

Record your supplier database, suppliers can be categorized into active or inactive, with the information being saved. Suppliers can be loaded according to branches and departments.

Client Solutions

Quote Management Software

Use the Quote and Proposal software to generate pre-populated quotes and proposals for the user's products. Quotes / proposals are generated in PDF format allowing for editing before authorization, but not after. Authorized quotes can no longer be edited with new information. Quotes can be sent to contacts directly.

Invoicing Software

The invoices are created online, and are generated on a template for your company. Invoices can be emailed directly to the client. They can log in and view all their invoices at any time. Creation of new invoices is simple and automatic features ensure that the correct template is always used.

Sales Software

Track your sales with the MyTech Sales system, optionally can be integrated with the Invoice, Bookkeeper and Budgeting systems.

Staff Solutions

Payroll System

MyTech Payroll software system provides employee salaries: Pay As You Earn, Unemployment Insurance Fund, Skills Development Levy. It also provides for fringe benefits, garnish orders, bonuses, commission, leave pay and internal deductions such as medical aid, pension fund and refunds to name but a few. Generate pay slips per employee per department /company. The payroll integrates with First National Bank, ABSA, Standard Bank and Nedbank. Automatic updates to SARS and much more.

Workman's Compensation Module

Handle your workman's compensation registration, classification, payment, injuries, claims, and act information.

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