Our Story

Our saga at MyTech Innovations commenced in 2011, kindled by a collective vision. The aspiration was to forge an unprecedented technological journey, one defined by its impact rather than mere innovation, became our driving ethos. We dreamt of a path to technology where the ultimate ambition was not just to develop cutting-edge solutions, but to leverage these solutions to make meaningful, transformative impacts, creating a multigenerational technological legacy.

Throughout this journey, we delineated five essential stages: Incubation, Stabilisation, Scalability, Success, and Influence. The goal of 'Influence' encompassed the concept of leveraging technology to significantly affect others and engender lasting technological legacies. In 2014, the foundation of MyTech Solutions (Pty) Ltd by innovator Charl Coetzee marked our first significant step towards realising this vision. The emphasis was on unity, collective technological advancement, and the eschewal of ruthless competition.

Our quest for technological progress prompted a partnership with First Namibia Tech Holdings (Pty) Ltd in 2019, unlocking access to various sectors such as data analytics, AI, IoT, and blockchain technology. We learned, adapted, and executed smart technological strategies, devising a comprehensive portfolio benefiting our community.

When the global pandemic struck in 2020, we recognised the urgent need for more dynamic solutions. Thus, MyTech Connect (Pty) Ltd was conceived to aid our community amidst these challenging times.

Over the years, MyTech Innovations has evolved beyond just a technology firm; it has become a community centered on nurturing leadership through technology education. We share our technology strategies, endorse digital literacy, and educate our clients. We highlight the importance of generating a passive income equal to or surpassing one's active income, fostering technological influence, and redefining the conventional tech paradigms.

At the core of our philosophy is the tenet of 'digital sustainability.' We staunchly maintain that digital literacy and technological oblivion cannot coexist. Technological ignorance is the counterpoint of digital progress, and we encourage our members to expunge it from their tech landscapes.

We provide the tools and education necessary to circumnavigate these obstacles and concentrate on digital inclusivity, technological accumulation and preservation, and enduring stability. Our ultimate aim is to instil a fresh perspective on technology and steer our clients on the path to true technological influence.

Our narrative is one of collective evolution, resilience, and metamorphosis. As we forge ahead, we extend an invitation to join us. Let's build technological prowess, foster lasting legacies, and revolutionise the way we perceive technological influence together. This is not merely our story; it is our shared journey towards a future brimming with technological significance.


Charl Coetzee

The visionary force behind the MyKingdom group of Companies, didn’t inherit his wealth. Instead, he was given something more precious: the strategies and techniques to create his own fortune. Growing up in a business-minded family, Charl’s father wisely imparted lessons of value rather than silver spoons, molding Charl into an entrepreneur who could create and maintain wealth.

After Charl studied engineering for 5 years, he combined his knowledge of finances with his engineer’s brain in pursuit of a reliable system for generating and maintaining wealth in the 21st Century.


Schalk Botha

Schalk Botha is a gifted communicator who has demonstrated strong leadership skills from a young age. He pursued his passion for business and obtained a BCom degree in General Management. With a penchant for unconventional thinking and thorough research, Schalk has created multiple streams of income throughout his career. He achieved this by adding value-added services to core business models and diversifying into unrelated markets.

UI/UX Manager

Juan Meyer

Juan Meyer is a seasoned Developer, fuelled by a fervent passion for working in tandem with clients to craft solutions that not only meet, but exceed their business needs. For the past 9 years, Juan has been successfully providing robust UI/UX Development Solutions to an array of organisations, both large and small, across a spectrum of industries including retail, medical, and education.

Juan's process begins with pinpointing the problem at hand, and then collaborating with his clients to engineer a solution that is efficient, swift, and cost-effective. This client-focused approach has been a key factor in his sustained success.

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